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Fundraising - CCW what is my money going towards.

We want to be a transparent group letting you know what God lays on our hearts and where the money from the fundraiser will go. We all know that electronics don't last forever and in order to keep everything running and sounding the best for our Lord as we worship we sometimes have to buy new or update existing equipment. Our next goal is to upgrade to a better keyboard for many reasons. The existing keyboard is functional but has been showing some slight glitches as can be seen in one of our youtube videos..insert laugh now...we thought the Rapture was taking place :D

We are so thankful for the many years it has been in good service and it will be used outdoors or on - the go worship sessions. If you choose to help us meet our goal with a donation or even prayers for the funds to be supplied we are so grateful and know God is in control and his timing is impeccable.

Thank you so much for all your support as we continue to grow in our faith and spread the gospel to the masses.

CCW - Christian Center Worship

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