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Stained Glass
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Jason Martin


Jason has a unique history with MCC. He began many years ago in the youth ministry till God called him to Pastor a local church where he was senior pastor for many years. God called him back to MCC in April of 2020 to be the Senior Pastor. Jason isn't just the "man behind the pulpit" he is a selfless leader who always listens to the Holy Spirit in leading the church in the direction he feels God is pointing. His friendship to his parishioners and down to earth personality makes his messages of Gods goodness hit home. His belief of 100% "BIBLE TRUTH" makes the word come alive as he spreads Gods word in real life application. Salvation, Love, Prayer, Worship, and so much more is what you will find here at MCC, under the loving guidance of Jason Martin.

Dee Fortenberry

Treasurer, Administrative asssistant, Worship Leader

April, better known as Dee, to her church family and friends has been a member of MCC since childhood. She is the grandaughter of the late Pratt & Melba Williams, the founders of MCC, so to say she has been in ministry her entire aduld life would be accurate. She began in music ministry in her youth where her passion for God grew as did her strength in her vocal talent. She has a true servants heart as she gives daily to the ministry selflessly in the duties of treasurer, administrative assistant, worship leading and so much more. See this isn't a "job" to Dee, this is her life calling.


Tracie Hayes

Media, Tech, Praise & Worship

Tracie serves on the MCC staff in a variety of roles. She is one of our Praise and Worship leaders. She is our Assistant Secretary, in-church photographer, director of Social Media outreach as well as our keyboardist on the worship team.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

MCC Board members-Decons

Wayne Burks, Terry Fortenberry, T.J. Hayes, Wayne Gregory, Jeff Collins

At McGehee Christian Center, We believe in doing everything under the direction of God through our Pastor and Board. We want transparency with our church and to do all things with love and order. No photo available at this time.

Meet the Team: Welcome
youth leaders.jpg

Elizabeth Collins,Steven Westmorland, & T.J. Hayes

Liz, Steven, and T.J all play many roles in the church but they are devoted youth ministers with a dedication to the youths' Christian education as they prepare them for the world.

 Janet Sharp

Janet has a love for those in need and she isn't afraid to step in where God leads her in the community and jails to help heal the hurting, especially those dealing with addiction. Her testimony will bless you.


Carol Gregory & Sydney Smith

Carol & Sydney are vital to our team as we bring video, scripture, and music lyrics to the congregation. They help in so many areas in the body of Christ.

Custodial Team

updated photos coming, Amber Westmoreland, Liz Collins,  Tracie Hayes (shown above)  Backup assist, Dee Fortenberry, Deborah Patterson, Jamie & Sidney Smith.

To say we all hold many titles would be accurate. These ladies take time to ensure the church stays prepared for your Sunday visits. General cleaning is so important and we don’t want to overlook anyone who helps our ministry run smoothly. 


Jamie Smith

Jamie & daughter Sydney are the newest members of the team. They head up OCC year-round until packing and sending take place in November. We are blessed with helping hands throughout our church that may not have a photo or name on the website but without all parts of the body, our ministry wouldn't flourish for His (God's) Glory. Photo pending.

Meet the Team: Team Members


Christian Center Worship

We are CCW, This team began with vocalists singing to an iPod and God honored that by giving them more vocalists, a pianist/vocalist, a drummer, and multiple guitarists until you see before you this family of anointed persons that God put together. It is by no mistake that they are all together working in the ministry today under the powerful anointing of God. From left to right; William Harris, Mark Powell, Elizabeth Collins, Shana Donathan, April Fortenberry, Steven & Amber Westmoreland, Tracie Hayes, and Danielle Bennett.

Meet the Team: About
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